Miguelitos Little Green Car-6676

Making A Mark With The Zaé
Featuring Zachary “The Zaé” Abbott
Snowboarder, Graffiti-Writer, Escape Artist
February 11, 2014
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

Zach is a well-travelled Alberta artist who is making his mark. He is the owner/operator of Make Believe Fantasy Textile Co., an ambitious mural painter, is responsible for the Airdrie Street Art Gallery, is a career artist and, as he puts it, is “alive, and scribe-ing today!”

When we met for this photo, Zach had recently moved back from British Columbia because “it wasn’t cold enough!” It was only about -20 C when we took this photo.
The graffiti wall in Airdrie is a public place for street artists to go to express themselves. Miguelito’s Little Green Car may or may not last long on those walls.
The Honourable Heather Klimchuk, Alberta’s Minister of Culture, suggested Zach for a Miguelito’s Little Green Car photo. For Heather’s photo with the car, click here.
Can’t find Miguelito’s Little Green Car in the photo? Try looking just above a certain knee joint.

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