Collected comments about Miguelito’s Little Green Car

Something to make you smile.

Margaret Atwood, via Twitter

This is what I love about being human. What a great idea.

Eric the mailman, via The Edmonton Journal

I’m infatuated with this project!

Maria Ospina, via email

A beautiful idea.

Robyn C., via email

A fun community-building initiative.

Kasian Architecture

Thank you again for connecting me to the vast world.

Omar Mouallem, author

It really is a wondrous experience you’re creating.

Donna Hunter

Thanks for starting the journey, it’s going to be fun to follow it.

Rob Staple

Love it and the concept and heart behind your amazing idea!

Candi Perhudoff, via website

What a wonderful idea, and a precious capsule to present to Miguelito one day in the future!

Patricia G., via email

Amazing project about connectedness.

Greg Frankson

It takes a truly unique individual to accomplish what you have done so far in this project. I think you are doing something extremely valuable.

Ido V., via email

Gives me hope.

Rhodes E., via Facebook

A wonderful thing.

Holly H., via email

Heartwarming and thoughtful.

Taron C., via email

What a creative idea and project!

Christopher Hunt, via email

A joyous linking of humanity.

Linda Duncan, Member of Parliament

Miguelito’s Little Green Car reminds me a bit of public transit: non-partisan and accessible to all.

Michael Gretton

I think it is a really awesome thing that you are doing!

Greg Osborne, via email

Art project connects us all!

Heather Klimchuk, Alberta Minister of Culture, via Twitter

Lesson learned: everyone is special and has a story, we are all connected by the smallest moments & things.

Sarah Jackson, via Twitter

A great story.

Brittney Le Blanc, via Twitter

Surpasses any expectation about “positive, inspiring and engaging” artistic work.

Maria Ospina, via email

I was inspired by the message of connection.

Gregarious Greg, entertainer, via email

One of the coolest photography projects around!

Andrew Guidroz II, via Facebook

Important and worthy.

David Suzuki's office, via email

This shows the true nature of human nature! Love, Respect and Humanity!

Darrell Bateman, via Facebook

Truly inspirational.  I learn so much from Miguelito’s Little Green Car.

Rhondes E., via Facebook

A wonderful idea!

Shannon Szabados, Gold-medal Olympian, via email

A beautiful concept and message.

Blake Berglund, musician, via Facebook

Uplifting for the spirit!

Rhodes E. via Facebook

You’ve captured many imaginations with #mlgc project.

Colleen Brennan, via Twitter

A wonderful project. Great concept, great dedication. Sometimes it is the little things like these that mean the most but people get too caught up in their lives to notice and miss out on a fantastic simple experience…

Dean Mooney, via Facebook

An incredible idea.

Edmonton Valley Zoo, via Twitter

An amazing story, really.

Mack Male, via popular website MasterMaq

A little project with big meaning.

Omar Mouallem, author, via Twitter

A grand idea!

Melanie Preville, via Facebook

Made me laugh and smile!

Graham Waugh, via email

An incredible project!

Robbin Reay, radio host

An amazing, ambitious project.  One that we can all appreciate.

Catrina Boettner, Blogger Effect

What a wonderful project… I’ve been lost in your photos for the last two days!

Amy M., via email

An incredible adventure!

Janice S., via Facebook

A monumentally interesting and a brilliant notion.

Doug H., via Facebook

What an amazing project and powerful message!

Leona Dargis, via email

An amazing idea and story.

Barb Vowles, via Facebook


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