Miguelitos Little Green Car-2829

Wisecraking With Arif, Marlon, Peter and Lucy
Featuring Arif, Amateur Mechanic, Professional Wiseass
and Marlon, Professional Wiseass, Amateur Mechanic
and Peter Murphfield (Not Pictured, ex of Bauhaus), Lead Singer, News Anchor, Session Ale
and Lucy, 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
June 7, 2013
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Arif and Marlon have known each other for almost 30 years, having met within a kilometre of what is now their local pub. Five years ago, they decided to test their friendship and purchased Lucille, a 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, in a back alley deal in Airdrie after a painstaking inspection that ranged from a spin around the block to giggling like school girls. Their careful diligence paid off in a three-hour drive back to Calgary that involved a blown water pump and a B-grade-movie-scream-inducing sight of Lucy’s 6-foot hood lifting as they sped along Crowchild Trail. Sadly, the gents parted with Lucy last year after four years of ownership that included trips to the pub, an assortment of mechanical delights, one exceptionally debauched night that left Lucy scarred, futile attempts to fix the 8-track, and dents in the pavement of southwest Calgary due to a difficult-to-reach starter.

Peter has known the duo for nearly as long and was actually the driving force behind Lucy’s purchase. His role in the care and feeding of Lucy was to wield a hammer while Marlon supervised and Arif crawled underneath. He was richly rewarded with such treats as having the pair fake a trip to Las Vegas much to his envy, showing up to various events including family events sporting fake moustaches, and of course attempting to sell one of his many vehicles without his knowledge.

Arif and Peter have all spent the majority of their formative years and adult life in Calgary, while Marlon is still in denial that he no longer lives in the Caribbean where he spent the first half of his childhood.

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