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Window-Gazing With George
Featuring George Arundel Cutting
Retired R.C.M.P. officer, Veteran
Age: almost 99
June 11, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

George was born on August 14, 1914 in the Royal Northwest Mounted Police detachment at Gull Lake, Saskatchewan.  His father, Percy, was a member of the Force.

George joined the RCMP at Regina in 1931 as a trumpeter.  As a trumpeter, at that time, he could be called upon for as many as 35 separate trumpet calls per day.  In 1935 he was in the Mounted Troop and was in Vancouver for the riots.  At around this time he was on the Musical Ride that performed at Portland,Oregon.  In 1938 he was transferred to Edmonton, then on to Vegreville, Vermilion and, subsequently back to Regina to be on the 1939 Royal Tour Mounted escort.  After the tour he was on the Musical Ride at San Francisco, Ottawa, and Toronto.  While in Toronto war was declared and he was sent back to Regina.

On arrival in Regina he volunteered for Military Service and, as a result, is an original member of 1st Company Canadian Provost (RCMP).  The Company was shipped to England and George found himself on English soil by December 1939.  He was to remain there for the next three and a half years except  for a short sojourn in Brest, France when a Detachment from the Company was sent over there before France fell.  (I don’t imagine that there are too many Canadian Army Veterans still remaining who can make that statement).

His war time experiences are quite extensive from doing convoy escort duties on dark, wet, roads in the United Kingdom, shooting at low-flying Nazi aircraft from slit trenches, to being on the invasions of Sicily and Italy.  His Provost service was as a motorcycle rider which included escorting convoys, delivering dispatches, and traffic control while his last duty was as an escort rider for General Chris Vokes.  He was in an accident and suffered a broken back.  After a lengthy convalescence he was returned to Canada where he re-entered normal RCMP duties.  He served in Calgary, Brooks and Three Hills, Alberta before returning to Regina where he spent his last eleven years in the Force on the Horse Riding staff (as a well-respected “Rough Rider” and instructor.).

When he left the Force he was the curator of the Fort Macleod Museum for a short time and then went with the Alberta Liquor Control Board.  He retired completely in 1976 and has spent his years in Calgary, Alberta; Penticton, British Columbia; and Sherwood Park, Alberta.  He was happily married to Ida for 47 years.  She passed awayin 1988.  They had two daughters and a son.   He is now in the Kipnes Center in Edmonton, Alberta.

[info]George is the only surviving member of the 1st Company Canadian Provost (RCMP).[/info] [info]He quit riding his motorcycle in 2001 and was last on a horse in 2010.[/info] [info]When I was there, his refrigerator was stocked with Glenfiddich scotch.[/info]

This is what he looked like in his younger years.

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