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Unlearning With Scott
Featuring Scott Stratten
Father, Ranter, Author
January 9, 2014
Sheridan College
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

In his modest words:

A fairly big deal on an irrelevant social media sites that falsely inflate his ego, Scott is passionate about passionate projects, like this one.

Scott is the President of UnMarketing. He is an expert in Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls UnMarketing. It’s all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you.

Formerly a music industry marketer, national sales training manager and a Professor at the Sheridan College School of Business, he ran his “UnAgency” for a nearly a decade before solely focusing on speaking at events for companies like PepsiCo, Adobe, Red Cross, Hard Rock Cafe, Cirque du Soleil, Saks Fifth Avenue, Deloitte and Fidelity Investments when they need help guiding their way through the viral/social media and relationship marketing landscape.

He now has over 160,000 people follow his daily rantings on Twitter and was named one of the top 5 social media influencers in the world on It’s the only time he’s felt comfortable being compared to Ashton Kutcher, P Diddy and Justin Bieber.

He has written three best-selling business books, the newest being “QR Codes Kill Kittens” a picture book for fed-up business people.

Scott is afraid of haunted houses.  “I thought that was the point.”
He once got assaulted with airline pillows on a flight because a woman thought he was Jesus.
The unlearn tattoo on his forearm isn’t about his company but rather from the movie Higher Learning, that means racism, sexism and homophobia are learned, and we need to unlearn them.

Watch my interview with Scott on his UnPodcast below or at

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