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Triggering The Light With Monty
Featuring Monty Noyes
Lighting Wizard
January 1, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Here’s what Monty has to say:

With my first paycheck after high school I bought a camera and completed the New York Institute of Photography’s correspondence course in photography.  I joined the Sarnia Camera Club and won Portrait of the Year in the early 70’s.The pride in creating images developed into a passion and soon I became a pro shooter making my living from photography. After 15 years of shooting professionally I came to the realization that I hadn’t taken any pictures for me in a long long time so I got a full time job and started making the images that I wanted to create. Landscapes, nature and wildlife fulfilled the creative urges for a while. My passion for creating different images using my favorite three methods:  motion blur, mixed lighting temperatures, and light painting. Keeping up with the digital world I have started mixing these elements into digital art. It’s been a life long learning adventure creating images, photography and its most important part… light!

For Monty’s work see his Facebook page at

We shot this photo in front of a 12 foot x 12 foot wall of light.  Yes, 12 x 12 feet!  The wall was a Lighttools 12×12 CUFocus soft egg crate with daylight balanced LED tubes. The main light was a Lightrein 24″ Octabox with a Lighttools 30° soft egg crate. An orange gel was used on the 24″ octabox and the camera was white balanced to it. This is what gave the shift of colour in the wall of light.
Monty once shot portraits of actor Don Adams, the original Maxwell Smart of Get Smart, for a Saskatchewan car dealership.
He was once tethered in a helicopter bay door when the pilot announced that he would be making a “gentle left turn”.  Monty: “the next thing I know the tether jerked taut and I was on my tiptoes looking straight down at a traffic circle, my arms extended with a 10 lb camera in my finger tips. When my heart started beating again I focused, gave the camera a squeeze and captured a cool image! The creative passion over came the fear.”
Monty’s favorite band is Led Zeppelin, which he saw live at Pontiac Silver Dome in April 1977.

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