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Trade Showing With Carol and Friends
Featuring Carol “The Bossy Mama” McBee
Lead Foot, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mother Of Two
October 27, 2013
The Enjoy Centre
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Carol returned to Edmonton from Texas in 2005 with her BComm in hand, ready to start a business. Canadian Houses, a virtual tour and photography business was launched in Edmonton in 2006. Shortly thereafter, Carol returned back to the corporate world and worked for the makers of COLD-fX as their Corporate Programs Manager for 3 years before having her first daughter. It was decided nearly immediately after the birth of Madelyn that it was time to focus on all things entrepreneurial, full time. In June 2010, Canadian Houses was sold to focus on two new businesses; Mommy Connections Inc. (offering mom to be, mom & baby and mom & tot classes across Canada) & Bossy Mama Inc. (now known as WECAN) Carol has a passion for connecting women, whether it be new moms or entrepreneurial women.

When Carol isn’t busy connecting women, whether new moms or business owners, she loves honing in on her inner Martha. Cooking, baking, decorating and scrapbooking are among her favourite things and Pinterest has become somewhat of an addiction. She is also a closet step aerobics fanatic and squeezes in as many classes as she can each week. Carol works to travel and is uber-frugal to ensure there is always a trip around the corner. Some of her frugal habits include reusing ziplocks, frequenting the bottle depot, coupon clipping, dress shirt laundering and (pour) sock mending. She is a sorority girl with a passion for cars and all things fast and does what she does for her precious children Madelyn (4) and Carter (7 months) and hopes to teach them the value of hard work and volunteerism. Her favourite Edmonton charities include Basically Babies and the Terra Centre for Pregnant & Parenting Teens and she sits on the Board of the Junior League of Edmonton.

This photo was taken at the Flaunt Trade Show, created to “honor, celebrate and promote Edmonton’s entrepreneurial women”.
Give up on the Where’s Waldo-effect of this photo? Miguelito’s Little Green Car is sitting in Carol’s hands. Front row, pink shirt.
There are 77 people in this photo. (75 women and two men.) That’s the second-largest number of people in one photo after this Miguelito’s Little Green Car photo with over 500 people in it.
Miguelito’s Little Green Car made a cameo print appearance on November 13, 2013 when this photo appeared in the Edmonton Journal.

2013-11-13 Edmonton Journal Capital Ideas MLGC 600p

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