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Thinking Back With Rand
Featuring Dr. E. Rand Simpson
Director, Ocular Oncology Program, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University Health Network, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
January 15, 2014
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

After graduating in Medicine from the University of Toronto, Dr. Simpson completed fellowships in Medicine and Neurology in Winnipeg and Ophthalmology at McGill University in Montreal. He initially pursued his interest in Neurophthalmology under the mentorship of Dr. David Cogan at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston where he also developed an interest in ocular oncology. Upon returning to Toronto Dr. Simpson took over the Directorship of the Ocular Oncology Program at Princess Margaret Hospital, a position he held for over 20 years. Aside from Dr. Simpson”s academic achievements, which include authorship of over 100 publications, several book chapters and over 250 national and international presentations, he was responsible, as a member of the International Council of Ophthalmology, and President of the Congress, for convening the largest Ophthalmology meeting in Canada. Dr. Simpson remains active in clinical, administrative and research in the field of Ocular Oncology in association with one of the most widely respected Cancer Institutions in the world at PMH/UHN.

Rand enjoys considerable success as a musician (drums and keyboard) and regularly plays nationally and internationally with his band, Grand Crew, whenever his professional life permits.
He had a hand in the spark that turned into Miguelito’s Little Green Car. He was my father’s oncologist during treatment for cancer that resulted in the first-ever photo of a person with Miguelito’s Little Green Car. Click here for that photo.

It was a full-circle moment to be back at the hospital just over six years later and to be able to tell the story of how the Miguelito’s Little Green Car project was born out of a challenging, emotional time.

The grid of photos on the computer monitor illustrates the effectiveness of the treatment that Dr. Simpson provided. The top-left photo shows the size of my dad’s tumor before treatment, the lower-right photo shows it after treatment.

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