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Stopping Traffic With Vickie
Featuring Vickie Laliotis
Fashion Blogger, Writer
October 25, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Vickie is the founder of Adventures in Fashion, a style and DIY blog that has been featured in FASHION Magazine, Teen Vogue, Flare Magazine and countless online publications. She believes that every day should be beautiful, and strives to inject style into even the most mundane things — like painting her house keys with nail polish to make them more interesting. When she’s not blogging, Vickie is a columnist and freelance fashion writer who drinks far too much coffee and confuses French macarons with sensible dietary staples.

Vickie loves The Golden Girls and has seen every episode — 10 times over.
She has a soft spot for animals and old people, so don’t mess with either of them in her presence.
If eating sugary treats was a competitive sport, she would hold a world title by now.
She grew up in Victoria, B.C. before relocating to Edmonton (yes, that makes her Vickie from Victoria).

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