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Squeezing Out A Grin With Bob
Featuring Robert Bray
Portrait Artist
January 29, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Bob is a three-time Canadian Portrait Photographer of the Year and in 2005 had the honor of photographing Queen Elizabeth II for Canada’s official portrait. He is happily married and the father of three.

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Bob shares his birthday with groundhogs.
He’s a self-diagnosed sports addict. Win or lose, he loves the Edmonton Oilers. (Editor’s note: win and Oilers in the same sentence is an admittedly uncommon word usage.)
He made the front page of newspapers because he asked the Queen to smile. The British paparazzi claimed that you never ask the Queen to smile, and that he was uncouth to even mention it. The press said “she’s not a horse old chap” when hearing that he alleged asked her to “show her teeth”. Bob says: “everything turned out fine as I was instructed by the Canadian government to ask Queen Elizabeth to smile.”

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