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Sharing The Deliciousness With Aldia
Featuring Aldia “Gramma Al” Mitchell
Grandmother, Cinnamon Bun Baker
September 26, 2013
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada

Seventy-eight year-old Aldia is known in the community of Rocky Mountain House for the best buns in town — cinnamon buns, that is! With the help of the local Rotary Club, she recently raised over $20,000 in a “rolls for rails” campaign to install hand rails at the local rodeo grandstands for seniors and others to be able to access the bleachers.

She offers this advice:

Words to live by: be conscious of your thoughts for they become your words. Be mindful of your words for they become your actions. Be mindful of your actions for they become your destiny!

Alida has 51 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren. She had 11 children (five girls, six boys) with first husband Joseph Cadrain.
She used to make fresh cinnamon buns “straight out of the oven” for Canadian figure-skating champion Kurt Browning when he had early morning skating practice early in his career.
She has traveled extensively. Some of her favorite areas include the Taj Mahal and Ireland.
She went skydiving on her 65th birthday.
She married her 3rd husband on the eve of a blue moon.

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