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Reminiscing with Tom
Featuring Tom Lim
Engineer & Photographer
March 2, 2014
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Tom was born, raised, and still lives in Edmonton (not to mention a couple summers spent in Hay River, Northwest Territories). He was married in 2004, had a daughter in 2006 and a son in 2008. Given that precise two year structure of marriage-daughter-son it should be no surprise that he’s a structural engineer — with a side helping of photography as a hobby.

He has this to say:

I think the most common adjective that I hear about myself is: shy. And that’s fair. I’m not good in large crowds. I often don’t know what to say in a conversation. But I will listen, absorb, and try to remember. Which also leads to my horrible memory. Perhaps the reason I’m having difficulty writing about myself. And maybe with all this said is what drew me into photography. The seeing from a distance and recording of the moment. The sculpting of the light and the technical aspects. Wraps up quite a few aspects of my personality. It’s easier for me to share a photo than having to come up with small talk. Oh, and some other stuff, I can’t cook to save my life, I’m not handy, and I have a weird fascination with flashlights and magnets. Perhaps I’m not shy when typing words…


We took this photo at the Central Academic Building at the University of Alberta where he got his degree in 2003 and met his wife in 1998. He says, “it was very cool to see that most of the tables and chairs are the same and great being back there after so many years and revisiting so many memories.”
He has never had a cup of coffee in his life. (Editor’s note: boooo. No, really. Boooo!)
He dreams of being on the BBC show Top Gear and driving their famous track.
He’s a video gamer for life. He’s been a gamer ever since the first Nintendo in the 1980s.
His high school year book quote was, “time is the fire in which we burn.”   But he now says, “I like the quote, but in hindsight it sounds pretty negative. If I were to rewrite it today, I would use ‘time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment, because they’ll never come again.'”   Yes, both lines were in Star Trek.

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