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Pushing Up With TJ
Featuring TJ Sadler
Teacher, Editor
June 19, 2015
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

TJ is a teacher and the editor of YEG Fitness Magazine.

Fitness is a huge part of his life. It keeps him healthy and more importantly, it keeps him sane. Says TJ, “the day-to-day stresses of real life can be put aside for an hour each day to spend a little time on yourself. You feel recharged after to take on the rest of your day.”

He’s “deathly” afraid of clowns. From the first time he watched Poltergeist, he’s hated “the things”. He continues: “I had a clown doll when I was a baby that my parents kept in a crawl space in our basement. When I was a kid I went under to get some hockey gear and when I saw that thing sitting on the shelf and I’m pretty sure I soiled my pants.”
He’s currently learning (unsuccessfully so far) to use a straight razor.
As a kid, he used his Wayne Gretzky rookie cards in his bicycle spokes.
He steering wheel drums to every Foo Fighters song while he drives — to the chagrin of his wife.
He’s a foodie, but “not in a pretentious way. I eat everything. Just not brains or testicles. For obvious reasons.”
He loved the Canada Fitness Test as a kid and earned the Prime Minister Award every year: “if it wasn’t for those darn flexed arm hangs. That might explain my passion for pull ups as an adult.”

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