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Playing Around With Amanda
Featuring Amanda Poetker
Entrepreneur, Storyteller
May 7, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Amanda is a Jill of all trades and tends to have her fingers in several pies at one time (she also really likes pie). Growing up in a family that she now affectionately refers to as “Mennonite hippies”, she learned to think outside the box and juggle all kinds of personal interests while being home-schooled. Having the time and freedom to pursue subjects that interested her, she explored art, dance, theatre, singing, sewing, photography, writing, and graphic and web design. She also had time to complete her studies and develop a love for current affairs and debating.

Amanda’s recent career history includes time spent in sales at a local print company, several years in the advertising department at the Edmonton Journal and a fulfilling position as a marketing coordinator for local accounting geniuses, Origami Accounting. During this time she also built up her photography company, Lightside Photography, which specializes in storytelling through photographs. You will still find her all over the city photographing weddings, families, and commercial work. About a year ago Amanda began investing time in a new business, which is now known as Pockets and Pearls. Born out of a love of fashion and an interest in local industry, the new online boutique combines many of Amanda’s random interests and skills and provides a platform from which to sell Canadian-made fashion.

When not “working” you can find Amanda enjoying what the great city of Edmonton has to offer. With a soft spot for live theatre and music, as well as great food, there’s no shortage of events to attend and restaurants to discover. She also enjoys time with friends and family (mostly to have someone to debate with) and will get on an airplane whenever she can pull it off.

Amanda started school a year late, but finished a year early, so it all evens out.
She has a photographic memory and remembers random details, but often can’t find that pair of scissors.
She had a stutter as a child that still occasionally makes an appearance if she’s really excited or tired.
At almost 6 feet tall, the most common thing she hears upon meeting new people includes the word “tall”.
She has an irrational fear of sharks to the point where she can’t look at photos of them. (Editor’s note: Amanda, don’t click here.)
Add to that a mild fear of escalators and revolving doors.

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