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Obsessing Over Green With Tom
Featuring Tom Rand
Carbon-Obsessive, Cleantech Investor, Advisor, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur
January 14, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Author and noted caped crusader, Tom started professional life as a software renegade in high school. Then he went legit, building a software firm spanning three countries. After selling it in 2005, he went after climate change full-time as a venture capitalist. Now based at the highly-respected MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, Canada, he believes technology already exists to kick the fossil fuel habit. Not only is a world powered by clean technologies possible — it’s absolutely necessary! The futures of our children depend on it.

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Tom has broken most of his teeth.
He has cycled across Canada. Twice.
He has been hit on the head by a driving golf ball Twice.

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