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Kicking Back With Lancy
Featuring Lancy Peters
Army Man, Walker, Church-Goer, Man Up For Anything
July 25, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

You name it, Lancy has done it. Not in the most perfectly legal way, perhaps, but it’s done, yes? Let’s say if anything happened to Miguelito’s Little Green Car, he would be able to fix it. Don’t ask him about method, techniques or materials. Health and safety? Eeeeerm, what’s that? Just be grateful that the car is up and running again.

Lancy spent half his life in the Indian army. He was one of the electronics men of the army. They were always the last in camps, because they fixed everything along the way. He describes falling exhausted into their tents at the end of the evening. Everything seems like a bit of a blur after days of enduring -35 temperatures with hardly any decent cover. Nowadays, he refuses to go anywhere cold.
He retired from the army and took up a government job with the national telephone company. If you needed a connection urgently, he’s the man to ask. He’s struggling a bit with understanding the internet, but as long as he has YouTube, he knows everything about the world. He thinks cowboys are still a major part of U.S. landscape.
He is always bemused that Canadians are so law abiding.

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