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Keynoting With Thomas
Featuring Thomas A. Lukaszuk
Minister of Jobs Skills, Training and Labour, Government of Alberta, Canada
April 12, 2014
Fairmont Hotel MacDonald
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thomas has been an elected Member of the Legislative Assembly in Alberta since 2001. He represents the constituency of Edmonton-Castle Downs. Over the course of his work in government, he has been the Minister of Employment and Immigration, the Minister of Education, the Deputy Premier, and the Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour.

He was “really pleased” to have his picture taken with Miguelito’s Little Green Car because cars represent opportunity for him. He moved to Alberta in 1982 in the family car his parents were driving from Sydney, Nova Scotia. They had arrived in Canada from communist Poland, and heard that Alberta was a great place to live. Thomas has been in Alberta ever since.

His election in 2004 was decided by a three-vote margin, and he was nicknamed Landslide Lukaszuk by newspaper reporters.
Thomas was wearing a very nice tie for this photo. It was very powerful and — dare I say it? — premier-atorial.

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