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Growing Young With Gaye
Featuring Gaye Boston
Author, Advocate, And Ta-Dame
January 14, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Gaye Boston is the Principal at Gaye Boston & Company. She creates and manages intellectual property, but like with most grandmas, she does pretty much whatever she wants.

This granny wants to laugh, so why not giggle with her Ecardead trailercards:

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A schoolmarm who loves philosophy–ét tude check out this ‘vine-dodge’ mashup:

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Well with all this ado she’d be nothing without The Curse of Being Pretty Smart.


The only question left unanswered is how can you “grow young” like her?

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Yes, she really is a grandmother.
No, age did not come up. Okay, it did come up. (Editor’s note: so sorry!)
If you look closely, you’ll see another green car in the photo. It’s an East German Trabant. Miguelito’s Little Green Car doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

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