Going With Pilar

Pilar Martinez
Chief Executive Officer, Edmonton Public Library

July 26, 2018
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Pilar Martinez is the Chief Executive Officer of the Edmonton Public Library (EPL), where she is responsible for strategic leadership, supporting the Board of Trustees, stakeholder relations and being a true EPL Information Ninja.

She also supports the library community by serving on several boards across Canada that have her traveling coast to coast and everywhere in between. Backed with a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English from Acadia University, Pilar has been with EPL since 2000.

She was the main champion behind the implementation of EPL’s community-led service framework and brings her passion for community to building projects as well, focusing on creating amazing spaces that provide opportunities for learning, creating and connecting. EPL’s latest project, the Stanley A. Milner Library (pictured in this photo), will offer spaces for people to meet, learn and play – maybe even with little green cars.

Pilar and her husband Tim have two amazing kids, Jeremy and Ethan, and a dog named Sadie.

Fun facts

Pilar plays indoor and outdoor soccer, and has been a member of The Marigolds team for over 15 years.

Pilar went skydiving back in the day when you did it solo without being in tandem with an expert skydiver.

She is also an Orange Theory Fitness enthusiast.

Although she loves her job, she’s been known to dream about being a “sommelier at some wine bar in Barcelona”.

Shockingly, she once said “I don’t really dream of cars.” But if she did, it would be of a Mercedes convertible.

She loves to travel, especially with the boys (her husband and sons). One of their favourite places to visit is Hawaii, where they go on adventures looking for freshwater swim holes and waterfalls.

Her childhood crush was Matt Dillon.


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