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Going The Extra Mile With Ken
Featuring Ken Foster
Toolman, Automotive Tech
Canada’s Best Racing Team
January 12, 2014
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

In the fall of 2005, Joey McColm, Joey’s Dad Kevin McColm, and Joey’s second Dad Frank Millman decided to move up into the semi-professional ranks of stock car racing in Ontario. At the same time, Joey was beginning his engineering degree, where he would meet colleague Phil Fracz. Leigh-Ann Gourlie, Joey’s high school sweetheart and now fiancé, would assume the role of Team Coordinator early. Ken Foster, a family friend and common fixture in the race shop was a natural fit to help the team where he could. Later in 2006 , the call came to race in the professional ranks of NASCAR Canada. Ryan Weiss would join the team and would bring aboard JP Clost in 2007. Family friend Rick Boucher, Ed Wrong, and Mike Tucker would join the team over the developing years. Darrell Eacott and Tammy Phillips, well known custom diecast builders in Canada, would be asked to join the team in 2011.

Joey has this to say about Ken:

Ken has been there for all the racing moments, even the ones at the race shop. In the early days, Kevin was drywalling the ceiling in his garage that he used for the race car. Ken was helping hold up the drywall as Kevin screwed it in place. Letting go, the drywall came crashing down on top of Ken leaving his head sticking out through the drywall. It was a scene out of a cartoon! Ken will also do anything he is asked of. He is sent on many parts pick up trips and is always willing to go the extra mile.

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