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Fist-Bumping With Nick And Peter
Featuring Nick Grande
and Peter Grande
Crew Chief
January 15, 2014
Concord, Ontario, Canada

Nick Grande: This classic car guy originated in 1973 and comes fully loaded with years of automobile and customer service experience. A serial entrepreneur, Nick is always looking for a project that can keep him engaged and help others in the process. He has three wonderful kids and a beautiful wife that keep his engine running in tip top shape. This is a one of a kind classic car guy that still operates on a hand shake, but has his hands on the pulse of tomorrow. Drives great but runs (jogs) a little rough. All offers are welcome.

Nick is afraid of swimming in the ocean. “If it wasn’t so alive, it would be such a nice place to swim”.
If you price it at $33.00, Nick will buy it. Lucky numbers are different for everyone!

Peter Grande: This fully restored classic car guy originated in 1977 and has the look and feel of a true classic but is equip with today’s newest technologies under the hood. Consistent with his family character traits, Peter is a serial entrepreneur always looking for his next challenge. Forever pushing the speed limit with his businesses, he will not stop until he finds the right balance between success and social good. This dual-fuel executive keeps his engine topped up with his amazing wife and daughter and the friends and family that surround him. One owner and executive driven, this chief has a lot of kilometres left on the odometer. Test drives are available upon request. Serious inquiries only.

“Life on a bun”. At least one meal a day needs to be between two delicious pieces of bread.

Wait, wait. What is that thing they’re standing in front of? It’s an MV-1, North America’s first, factory-direct, purpose-built wheelchair accessible vehicle with no conversion required. As the story goes, “we took a ramp and built a vehicle around it.” Find out all about it at More info as on this Wikipedia page.

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