Dragon Playing With Heather
Featuring Heather Nissan
December 11, 2012
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

In Heather’s words:

I believe that art is an essential part of this world as it inspires love, life, happiness and play. A graphic designer by day (and on many occasions, by night), I am constantly driven by colours, typeface and characters in both waking hours and in dreams. Most of all, I like to create art that causes happiness.  It’s then that I know I’ve done what I was meant to do, because as long as you’re smiling, you’ve got some sunshine in your heart.

Heather created a brilliant piece of artwork for Miguelito’s Little Green Car that features her signature dragon characters.  Sorry no, they can’t keep the car.  It’s on a mission.  :-)

[info]Heather signed the original piece of artwork with: “Let the forces of creativity drive you always.”  Thanks Heather![/info]

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