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Dog-Walking With Melissa
Featuring Melissa Macky
Author, Speaker, Trainer
June 9, 2013
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Melissa is a travel and transformation expert. She is the creator of The B.O.O.M. Factor and trains corporate women how to transition from the corporate world into becoming authors, coaches and entrepreneurs. She has been on a transformational journey herself from a party girl to a highly-paid employee in the corporate world to becoming her own boss and starting Travel Chicks, a full service travel agency. She has worked with top CEOs and decision-makers in the oil and gas world and is now training corporate women.

Melissa has traveled to over 15 countries.
One of her goals is to take one vacation a month! Why? Because she can.
Melissa has jumped out of planes five times.
She just published her first book.
Her three year-old dog, Jaya, is just like a human being. Or moreso, a human Havanese Yorkie. Melissa says, “some mornings I wake up and Jaya’s body is under the covers while her head is lying on the pillow on her back. She’s the quirkiest little girl I’ve ever seen. A tough girl in a small body.”

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