Catching Up With Guy & Sharon

Featuring Guy & Sharon Pambrun
Retired Wanderer/Follower of Retired Wanderer

June 9, 2017
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Guy says reading inspirational quotes or books on management strategy have never been one of his strong points because he’s always relied on his gut feeling/intuition to guide him on his journey through life. He continues:

At least that’s what I thought until I met Leroy many years ago, a fellow that just happened to be considerably junior in age. Since then I’ve been much more open to hear and actually accept the fact that certain books can be helpful, every generation has it’s own music and ponytails on men are acceptable.

Fun facts

Guy on work: “Even though I worked hard all my life I’m certain I’m allergic to it because I break out in a cold sweat. If I wasn’t retired now I’d get tested for it.”

As an aside: “Sharon and I would have adopted Leroy but he actually had a family he was content with. He was smart, a little… actually very cocky and was willing to teach me how to use a computer.”

Sharon as an avid reader. She says: “because of my appetite for reading I made a hobby of reading almost anything I could get my hands on. Besides getting my own pleasure from a book I was able to give Guy a summary of something he could have read himself. That saved him a lot of time for more trips to Saskatchewan.”

He was kicked out of the Air Cadets when he was a kid. “It seems the Commanding Officer and I had a hard time communicating. I was happy in a way because I really hated the marching part and very sad because my dream of becoming a fighter pilot was quashed in one evening.”

Guy as traveled “all over the world. I even went to Saskatchewan a few times.”

Sharon has always wondered why Guy likes Saskatchewan so much.

She enjoyed being called “mum” by Leroy. That honor was bestowed on her for breaking up all the fights between he and Guy that took place during computer class.

On how they met and married, Guy says: “I accepted my darling wife’s proposal and it’s now been 36 years. Best decision I ever made.”

On life: “In keeping with my Metis heritage, I love all living things and wish all humans would do likewise. Mosquitoes not included.”

She loves all living creatures, even mosquitoes. She once had Guy rescue a spider in the house and deposit it outside. It’s that serious!

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