Being Poetic With Douglas
Featuring Douglas Hicton
May 13, 2012
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Doug is a writer and composer, with three musicals staged so far, including an Off Broadway production of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari”, written with Richard Lawton.  He’s an alumni of the JEOPARDY! Tournament of Champions, and has written extensively for Toronto’s eyeWEEKLY Magazine.  Doug is originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and but currently resides in Toronto.

Doug is holding a poem that he wrote for Miguelito’s Little Green Car.  It reads:

Miguelito’s little car,
You have journeyed rather far.
Travelling the world around,
Covering all sorts of ground.
Though a Buick’s built to last,
Don’t you burn through tires fast?

Truly green, you’re fueled by smiles
Over miles and miles and miles.
Here and there, and quickly gone,
And you’ll just keep moving on,
Since the smiling is, of course,
A renewable resource.

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