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Being Adored By Fans With Thomas
Featuring Thomas Scott
Artistic Producer/DJ
January 21, 2014
Red Star Pub
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Thomas Scott is a creative who is passionate about the importance of arts and culture in our daily lives. He says:

Without it everything around us lacks any meaning. This is why it is a fundamental right for people to have the means to create, use their imagination, develop ideas and have a stage or arena to present their work.


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The largest crowd Thomas has DJed for was at the Pride Parade in Edmonton, with approximately 30,000 people in attendance.
Best gig: “The best gig I have dj’d was for a High School holiday dance. There were 700 kids and they went wild for the two hours I played music. They were crowd surfing and singing along to all the top 40 tracks I was playing. Amazing!”
Thomas loves to play Deep Techy House music.
He got into theatre through producing EDM events in Southern Ontario. Eventually he become Program Director of one of the largest Fringe Theatre festivals in the world, the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. He was in that role for six years.
We took this photo to commemorate his two year anniversary of DJing True Love Tuesday (a.k.a. Sal’s Sports Bar) at Red Star.
The hands in the photo belong to Megan Schrader, Amanda Sampson, Christy Holtby, Rebecca Visscher and Michael Ng.
In a moment of creative improv, Miguelito’s Little Green Car is hanging from a paper clip which is hooked onto a rubber band which is wrapped around Thomas’ beard. Yes, that did take some work.

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