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Anchoring The News With Gord
Featuring Gord Steinke
Newsanchor, Producer, Author, Musician
Global Edmonton
December 11, 2012
Global Edmonton Studios
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Gord is no stranger to Edmontonians. As one of the region’s most popular news anchors, he brings you the News Hour, every weeknight at 6 PM on Global Edmonton.  While Gord is best known as a veteran broadcast journalist, he’s also a best-selling Canadian author. He penned Mobsters and Rumrunners of Canada, which is sold at bookstores across Canada and the United States. It focuses on a little known part of Canadian history: the roaring 1920s and the connection between Canadian and American gangsters during prohibition.  Gord is also an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter, with three albums under his belt.

Although the photo above was shot in the green screen room just after he hosted the evening news, the car was on air during the news.  It’s visible next to Gord’s laptop in the lower left corner during the broadast.

Miguelitos Little Green Car-2949

Here’s are close up photos of a studio monitor during the broadcast with Miguelito’s Little Green Car clearly visible.

Miguelitos Little Green Car-2950 Miguelitos Little Green Car-2951

It’s visible again later next to the poinsettias during an interview with Ed Hervey of the Edmonton Eskimos football club.  This is what it looked like in the studio.

Miguelitos Little Green Car-2961

And this is what it looked like on television.

Miguelitos Little Green Car-2963

To watch the broadcast see

  • you can see Miguelito’s Little Green Car at 9:15, in the corner next to Gord’s laptop.
  • and again at 10:20, after Gord rolled it out farther so that it’s more prominent.

To watch the broadcast with Ed Hervey see

  •  you can see Miguelito’s Little Green Car starting at 0:16, in the background, right in front of the poinsettias.
[info]This was Miguelito’s Little Green Car’s third television appearance.[/info] [info]In February 2012, Gord was appointed as Honourary Lieutenant Colonel of the 15th Edmonton Field Ambulance which is part of the 41st Canadian Brigade Group. Many of the soldiers in the unit have performed tours of duty in Afghanistan. The appointment of Honouray Colonels goes back to the Boer War. Gord says this, “What makes me and my family especially proud of this honorary title is that my Grandfather (who I was very close to) was Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Herbert Ford,” Steinke says, “He was a World War 1 Veteran who fought at Vimy Ridge and Passchendale with Tobin’s Tigers – 29th Vancouver Battalion. I can see him smiling.”[/info]

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