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Adding To The Village With Carly and Boe
Featuring Boe and Carly Lefebvre
Photographers, Parents-to-be, Lusters of Warmer Places
May 12, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Carly and Boe are a husband-and-wife photography duo who believe that relationships and community are a big deal. They have been shooting weddings together for eight years. They love “having the privilege of snapping a single important frame in what can sometimes feel like a blur of one’s life. We believe in treasuring the time we have, and that we are meant to pursue a life of fulfillment.”

They shoot every wedding together, taking pride in their photography. Their passion is to create beautiful photos that tell a story in fun and creative ways, while aiming to balance timeless imagery with a progressive look.

Their sales and marketing background has helped them grow their business. Their goal is to run a successful business with the flexibility to live in Mexico for six months of each year. This year they made the leap, and then found out that life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

Wait. What does that mean?

Carly is pregnant and they couldn’t be happier. Welcome to the new little-one-to-be!


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They both learned photography on Minolta Maxxum film cameras, and started their photographic journeys backpacking through multiple countries in Europe. They bought those cameras before they really knew each other.
Carly was a competitive swimmer until the age of 16, and made the Canadian national team.
When Boe wasn’t sure if he should ask Carly to date him, he looked up at the stars and asked the question, hoping for a sign. A shooting star shot across the sky and that was that. Whether he should marry her? Same thing.
Whenever the baby is kicking around in the belly and Boe tries to feel it, and the baby stops. That happens often enough that they are certain the baby will be stubborn “like it’s mom.”
To date, they have shot over 100 weddings. They say it has been “the most creative, difficult, joyous, tiring, enlightening, fulfilling, sweaty, stressful and amazing blessing we have had together. We are looking forward to the next chapter of ups and downs. We are looking up.”
Editor’s note: Why is Boe making that triangle over his head? Apparently he’s in the dog house… Good luck, pal!

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