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Visiting The Park With Jeremy
Featuring Jeremy Hsu
Science Journalist
January 20, 2015
Brooklyn, New York, United States

Jeremy is a science and technology journalist living in Brooklyn, New York. His interest in science proved strong from early on in life; he grew up with NASA posters hanging on his bedroom wall and attended several summers worth of local space camps. But he also loved reading and writing, and especially reading science fiction books. His dual interests in science and writing eventually came together in his freelance writing life, where he enjoys writing about varied topics such as video game psychology, 3-D printing, military flying cars, robots and space missions.

You can read his writing at

Jeremy loved reading about U.S. Civil War history so much that his parents took him and his younger brother on a tour of battlefields in Virginia and Maryland in his preteen years. They also visited the Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania on a separate trip.
When he was young, he also enjoyed reading about World War II history. More recently, he’s been trying to get better acquainted with the history of other military conflicts such as World War I. For his photo, he wanted to stand in front of the neighborhood memorial you see pictured that was dedicated to the residents of Greenpoint in Brooklyn who fought during World War I. Last year marked the centennial of the war.
When he was eight years old, Jeremy had a rare disease called Kawasaki disease. Luckily, he received treatment in time and came through seemingly without complications. But he hopes to help spread some awareness of the disease among both parents and physicians. Read more about it at
Jeremy played the tuba for about 11 years. He began in 5th grade when he and a group of other students were given the mouthpieces for both french horns and tubas to try out. Despite that random beginning, he enjoyed playing tuba while wishing that the instrument was made in a pocket-sized version.
Jeremy sang in a Chinese a cappella group at the University of Pennsylvania despite having very poor Mandarin-speaking skills and no prior singing experience. The group is named PennYo, a play on the Chinese characters “peng you” that translate into “friend.”

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