Unwinding with Jurgen

Featuring Jurgen Maslany
Rogue Anesthesiologist

April 21, 2016
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

The story

Jurgen was born in Regina. He went to school in Regina. He works in Regina. He will likely die in Regina.

Fun facts

He’s an avid collector of World War II memorabilia.

His wife is also an anesthesiologist. They started dating before either of them started medical school.

When he was twelve, his mom and dad told him that was going to have a sister. His reaction? He angrily asked why he wasn’t consulted first.

His daughter doesn’t want to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc. She wants to be a “princess fighting girl.”

His first cousin is Tatiana Maslany, the star of the popular television series Orphan Black.

He, his wife and their daughter were all born in the Chinese year of the dragon.

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