Uniting With Bill

Bill Bourne

November 28, 2017
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Bill Bourne was raised in a musical family in rural Alberta. His parents played dance music in community halls in beautiful farming country. At these country dances, he would often fall asleep behind the piano. His love of nature and music and people gathering for celebration has been with him since a very early age.

Life on the road is reflected in Bill’s music: powerful rhythms and soulful songs steeped in blues, world beat, Cajun, Celtic, folk, Latin, funk, poetry, gospel and more.

Crossroads Magazine describes his music as follows:

“Bourne flows with this almost indescribable soul infused with a lonesome strain of blues… This man was put on this earth to play music.”

Bill says this:

“Miguelito’s Little Green Car is a perfect project for me because my music is about exploring and finding ways to help bring people from across our planet together.”

Here’s just one example of his incredible music:

Follow along at and his Facebook page.

Fun facts

Bill is a three-time Juno Award winner and has been nominated for a total of eight Junos!

Bill is a licensed diesel mechanic who enjoys repairing and maintaining his 1985 Winnebago motor home that he uses for touring his live show.

To Bill, music is a dance and happy heart: music is transcendent and has the power to heal and to benefit all living beings.

In addition to being a musician, he’s a father, a recording engineer, a carpenter, an electrician, a farmer, a gardener, a visual artist, a model railroader, a poet, a musical collaborator, a guitar teacher and an activist.

He is learning electronics and is building an on-demand hydrogen gas generator for heating, cooking and fuel for the engine in his Winnebago. He is also working toward converting his Winnebago to be a fullly electric vehicle.

Bill learned how to ride horses when he was five years old. Within two months he was bucked off for the first time.


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