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Time-Travelling With Gordon
Featuring Gordon Osborne
Aspiring Entrepreneur, Designer
February 25, 2014
Garneau Theatre/Metro Cinema
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Gordon is a British Columbian at heart. He is learning the ropes of digital design and hopes to combine it with his experience in business marketing and sales. Although he loves winter, he hopes to one day live where you can get a tan year-round, with the occasional trip to the mountains when he gets homesick.

This is Gordon’s second appearance in the Miguelito’s Little Green Car project. The first was two years ago in a large group shot following a Pecha Kucha Night presentation about Miguelito’s Little Green Car.

Miguelitos Little Green Car-3165

Can you spot Gordon in the original photo? (Hint: think repetition.)

You can call him any nickname except Gordy.
He has lived in the Cayman Islands.
He will eat almost anything.
He used to lifeguard. (Think Baywatch.)
He someday wants to dive with Great White sharks. (Think Jaws.)
Special thanks to Sam Sheplawy of Metro Cinema for her help in making this photo happen.

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