Talking Cars With Aaron

Featuring Aaron Waddingham

February 10, 2010
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

The story

In Aaron’s own words:

I am in Grade 10 and almost 16 years old. I was born in Edmonton but now I live on a mountain in Burnaby, British Columbia. I have Down syndrome. This means I have an extra chromosome in my DNA.

I want to be a YouTube star!

Fun facts

Aaron is a wicked Fortnite player.

He really likes sports. He plays baseball and basketball and is on a Special Olympics swim team. He’s won many times at swim meets.

He’s had several nicknames over the year, including silly goose and little Wadd.

He’s into both Bollywood dancing and Taekwondo.

So far he’s have traveled to Costa Rica, Hawaii and Ireland.

He loves luxury vehicles. His favorite is Bugatti.


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