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Taking A Break With Philippe
Featuring Philippe Phan
Business Student, Volunteer Extraordinaire, Card Game Enthusiast
February 16, 2013
Art Gallery of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Philippe is one busy guy, but he likes it that way.  In his words:

I’m proud to say that I wear many hats, from Respite Worker for kids with special needs, to Volunteer Coordinator for International Week at the University of Alberta, to full-time business student.  I’m one of those people that just can’t turn down an opportunity.

I’ve been really lucky in that I’ve gotten to work with tons of amazing not-for-profit organizations here in Edmonton and internationally. My philosophy is to try and contribute a little to several different causes, rather than putting all of my energy into one.  That’s how I feel for now, at least.  Eventually, I hope to discover which cause I am most passionate about and create a career around it.  Even so, I still can’t see myself sticking to one thing for the rest of my life.

We should all give back where we can.  There are millions of causes out there and they can all use our help.  Something that I like to tell myself is that “You can’t complain about something you don’t like, if you don’t try to change it yourself.”

[info]Philippe is Vice President of Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada – Edmonton Chapter.  For information about the important work they do to support youth diagnosed with Tourette Symdrome see their website at[/info] [info]He got his first tattoo last year while he was volunteering in Thailand.  It’s on his chest, displaying my mom and dad’s birthdays.  Through a slight misunderstanding, he thought his dad was born in 1952, but in reality his dad was born in 1951.  Oops.  Does he regret getting that tattoo?  “Not one bit,” he says.[/info] [info]On an unrelated note, he loves card games.[/info]

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