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Storytelling With Omar
Featuring Omar Mouallem
Writer, Rapper
April 19, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Omar Mouallem is an award-winning writer and critically acclaimed rapper, but most people remember him as the guy who wrote a book about cats before it was cool. Predictably, the only ones unimpressed are are his cats, Darwin and Orwell.

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[info]Despite the wear on his shoes, they’re brand new. Omar is a chronic walker. [/info] [info]The book on the table taught him 88.7% of what he knows about writing.[/info] [info]He plans on stealing the mug at the end of his Edmonton Public Library residency in December 2013.[/info] [info]He’s laughing because Leroy Schulz told a really lame joke about sushi.  Editor’s Note: it worked, no?[/info] [info]Soon after this photo was taken, Omar won the Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton‘s Northlands Emerging Artist of the Year Award.  Just coincidence or good karma from being part of Miguelito’s Little Green Car?  Hint: there’s 11.3% probability that it’s the latter.[/info]

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