Storming With Ben & Lumpy

Featuring Ben “The Sheriff” Taylor and Lumpy
Purveyor of Good Times for Steam Whistle Brewing, 1949 International Truck

July 27, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Ben is a rural Ontario lad who answered the call of “go west young man” in January of 2015 when Steam Whistle asked him to move to Edmonton. He likes to say he was “exported” along with his 1949 International pickup, Lumpy.

Fun facts

Ben drank eight beers during his job interview back in 2007. He got the job.

Notably, he once shotgunned fourteen tall cans of Steam Whistle in a single day.

In university he taught himself to use nunchucks after watching a few too many Bruce Lee movies.

He is known to ride horses bareback. In the buck. As Mr. January. Check it out, for a good cause.

Just to be clear about the topic, this sheriff loves beer. Look closely and you’ll see the word beer tattooed on his tricep.

In 2009 he started The Steamy Men of Steam Whistle Calendar which raises money for cancer research.

Ben isn’t just about green cars and trucks. He’s also about bicycles. More specifically, green-themed bicycle repairs.

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