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Star-Gazing With Christy
Featuring Christy Foley
Aspiring Martian
February 2, 2014
Telus World of Science
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

A G-man, a Guider, an aspiring Martian?!? Christy was one of 75 Canadians shortlisted for the Mars-One project to colonize Mars in 2025. She cannot over-state how important space exploration is. For starters, it spurs all sorts of innovation that makes Earth a better place. Making the Earth a better place is a motto she tries to live in all aspects of her life. She works with Alberta’s Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development trying to protect our environment today and ensuring that the future environment is protected too. She also is passionate about working with young teens as a Pathfinder leader with the Girl Guides of Canada. Girl Guides helped inspire her when she was young and she wants other girls to be inspired as well.

Christy remembers star-gazing at camp and meeting Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut, through Girl Guides. That helped cement an early interest in space.
In her elementary school year book, Christy said she wanted to colonize the moon.
If the Mars thing doesn’t work out for her, she could be a zombie with the Stay Dead zombie simulation.
She moved around Canada a lot as a kid. She was in Grade 3 in three different provinces and Grade 7 in two provinces and three cities.
She has a philosophy degree, so you can be sure she’s thought this through.
Human settlement on Mars. Think about that. And visit
MAY 2014 UPDATE: Christy made the latest round of selection cuts. She’s one of only 705 candidates remaining, down from over 200,000 original applicants. Click here for an article on the Toronto Star website.

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