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Smiling With Christine
Featuring Christine Magee
Mom, Wife, Daughter, Friend, Well-Rested Mattress Lady
President and Co-Founder of Sleep Country Canada
January 13, 2014
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Christine has this to say:

There are some moments that truly define me:
My birth: That goes without saying. If not, who would write this?
My parents: Who believed in me and gave me the confidence to soar.
My sister and brother: who said I was adopted just because I was the baby.
My husband: 29 years of marriage, 9 years of dating and he still can make me laugh, cry, get angry and grateful all within minutes. If that ain’t passion I don’t know what is!
My children: Whoever said children were easy was nuts but my life without them would not be worth living. I have never learned so much or loved so much until I was blessed with my two girls.
My company: Thank you Steve and Gord for inviting me on this journey and thanks to my colleagues — our team at Sleep Country Canada who have made it possible.
To the future: I can’t wait to see what is next
To the present: Aahhhhh! I am here.


Christine is shy, although no one believes that. She doesn’t like public speaking except when it’s over and it went well.
She secretly wants to be great at something. Like REALLY great. Like a professional athlete.
She hates being wrong.
She wishes she had never seen Jaws since now she is perpetually afraid of swimming in deep water.
She married her high school sweetheart and they are still happily married. She had her first child at 38 and the second at 41. About the latter point she says, “that may not be interesting as much as crazy!”
She traveled to India on a service trip with her 13 year-old daughter in the hopes of enlightening her about how privileged we are in Canada. Instead, “I found that she was more accepting than I. I kept thinking of ways to change what I was seeing and experiencing and Riley — she was just embracing and enjoying every moment. So who was the teacher and who was the student? I have begun to understand how little I know and how much there is out there to explore, learn and experience.”

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