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Saying No With Peter
Captain Peter Roffey CD1 CMA, RDAO Comptroller
Logistics Officer, Canadian Forces, Semi-Professional Photographer, Golfer, Curler
March 8, 2013
CFB Edmonton
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Peter was born in Montreal, Québec in 1962 on a Friday the 13th. Some would consider this unlucky, but not him. So far he’s had a “great life with a great family and been able to do almost everything I’ve ever wanted to do.” He feels privileged to have served in the last UN Canadian mission in the Golan Heights on the border between Israel and Syria (UNDOF).

It was there that his love for photography was rekindled. He picked up my first camera, a Kodak Browner, when he was six years old. He has owned Kodak Instamatics, a Minolta 7000i and a Canon Rebel G. His first digital camera, an EOS Rebel 300D, was obtained before going to Israel and because it didn’t require film, he was able to take over 10,000 photographs while there. He still shoots with Canon gear (a Canon 50D with an assortment of lenses), shooting mainly shoot curling and equestrian sports, but also military subjects. For his work visit “in the bag solutions” page on Flickr. The name comes from when he made golf clubs. The motto was “If it’s not in the bag, then you are not playing your best”.

He volunteered at Help-Portrait for four years running, two Brier competitions and photographing the JSI Superspiel in Ottawa for three years.

Peter was born on Friday the 13th. That hasn’t impacted his luck at all.
He has traveled across Canada three times.
He has lived in Montreal, Quebec, Sherbrooke, Quebec, London, Ontario, Borden, Ontario, Ottawa, Ontario, Chilliwack, British Columbia and most recently, Edmonton, Alberta.
This photo appealed to Peter because as comptroller, he has to say “no” a lot.

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