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Rocking Out With The Gibson Block
Featuring The Gibson Block
March 28, 2014
The Pawn Shop
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Gibson Block is an alternative rock group based in Edmonton, Alberta. Formed in 2008 while attending Grant MacEwan University, The Gibson Block is formed by band members Sebastjohn King (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Carson MacDonald (bassist, comic book reader), Denis Frigon (drummer) and Jonathan Lagore (guitar).

They began their musical careers as All the Kings Men, a cover band. While performing as All the Kings Men, the group performed covers of classic rock hits. The demand from their audience to have the band perform original songs was the birth of The Gibson Block. They spent most of 2012 and 2013 writing original pieces and extensively touring throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

In early 2014, The Gibson Block released a self-titled EP, was selected as Band of the Month for March by Edmonton’s alternative radio station Sonic 102.9FM’s Sonic Band of the Month for March 2014 and has been nominated by the Edmonton 2014 Music Awards “Artist to Watch” award and The Yeggies “Best in Music” award. They plan to continue to pushing boundaries in the Canadian music industry and delivering an electrifying and danceable sound for their fans and audience.

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In his teenage years, guitarist Jonathan grew out a pony tail to which he later cut off and replaced it with a beard of equal length. Jonathan is also a fan of extreme sports including snowboarding and dirt biking.
The “John” in lead vocalist Sebastjohn King is in honor of his grandfather. Sebastjohn was also influenced by one of televisions iconic cartoon characters Lisa Simpson to play the alto saxophone in grade 12.
Bassist Carson saves the world on a daily basis by foiling evil plots. Carson is an enormous fan of the Dr. Who series, and even owns a sonic screwdriver.
Any downtime drummer Denis gets is spent cooking dishes that he has practiced with his Grandmother. Oh! and binging out on Netflix.
This photo was taken on stage after their superb Sonic Band of the Month gig at The Pawn Shop.
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Listen to one of their tracks:

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