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Riding With Benjamin, Elizabeth And Blake
Featuring Benjamin, Elizabeth And Blake
Cuties, Cousins
August 4, 2014
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

These little cuties are cousins and best friends even though Elizabeth and Ben live in Canada and Blake lives in The Middle East. They love talking on Facetime.

One year old Ben came into this world with a lot of fanfare and spent the first week of his life in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
He has a very mixed heritage. Each of his four grandparents were born in a different country.
Not only is he cute — he’s smart! He knows all of his colours, shapes, letters and some numbers.
His favourite things are Thomas the Train, Winnie the Pooh and teasing his big sister. (But he will spend a lot of time playing dress up with her, even wearing a princess gown and crown.)
He loves to swim.
He is allergic to grass but that doesn’t stop him from rolling around in it every chance he gets.
He is very loving and when he needs a kiss he bows his head for you to kiss the top of it. No one knows how that got started.


This three and a half year-old cutie was the first grandchild to both families.
Her grandparents are Canadian, West Indian, Dutch and Polish.
Her dad nicknamed her Little Bee because she loved bees but now she wants to be called Princess Bee because she loves princesses.
She has many hobbies, including dancing, swimming, music, skating and soccer.
She loves her brother and her cousin but wants a baby sister so much so that she even has a name for her. (Just in case.)
She wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can take care of her brother.


Blake is affectionately called BlakeyBoy.
He is the epitome of an international child. He has a Canadian Mum, English Dad, was born in India and lives in Bahrain.
He is extremely energetic and his favourite thing to do is open doors to try to escape to the great outdoors.
He loves football (soccer), water, bubbles, watching Peppa Pig, chatting with his Papa (what he calls his grandfather) on the phone and playing trains with him when he visits.
Every night since he was five days old he goes to sleep with his favourite little white teddy, which he calls baby.

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