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Playing With Charlotte & Dez
Featuring Dez Melenka & The Lovely Charlotte
CTV News Reporter, Wannabe Super-Mom & Super-Cute Baby
April 30, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dez grew up in Gibbons, Alberta and always knew she wanted to be a reporter so she could share stories that matter to people. She’s reported the news for several years now but found a new love for sharing positive stories once “the peanut” was born. She says, “what can I say? Children really do change your perspective.”

She’s now working on a new CTV News Edmonton segment called “On Your Street” which allows her to share stories about the people and the communities that make up Edmonton.

Dear Charlotte,

I hope you know how loved you are and always will be. Thank you for being the light in our lives and I hope we can always keep that sparkle in your eye. Your love for life and pure joy at the simplest things in life are our favourite parts of the day. Someday you will see this and know you got to be part of something amazing.

Much Love,
Mom & Dad

Editor’s note: when I met Charlotte, she articulated the most brilliant, smile-provoking “hi” I’ve ever heard. Several times. At seemingly random moments. Because really, when is it ever a bad time to be friendly? :-)
Now, a few weeks later, Charlotte is saying “bird”. They aren’t sure if there’s a bird in the area, but she insists that they look for one.
Dez’s full name is Desiree and her dad’s name is Desmond. But my parents didn’t think they would both be called Dez. Yet they are. Dez is “big Dez” (because she’s tall) and her dad is referred to as “little Dez”.
Dez can’t eat mushy food. Really, anything mushy is off-limits. Unless Charlotte is sharing food with her. For some reason mushy food from her is okay.
Charlotte’s nickname is Charlie. Except no one calls her that.
Dez’s husband is her best friend.
For Dez’s segment about Miguelito’s Little Green Car see

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