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Overcoming With Tim And Elliot
Featuring Tim and Elliot Bolton
Father, Husband, Anesthesiology Resident (Tim), 3 Month-Old (Elliot)
June 12, 2015
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Tim was born in Michigan before moving to Milton, Ontario and later to Dauphin, Manitoba. His family was “transient” because he was the son of a preacher man. Eventually he moved to Regina, Saskatchewan to study chemistry and married his high school sweetheart. He went to medical school at the University of Saskatchewan and is on target to be an anesthesiologist in 2019. With over fifteen years of post-secondary education “it’s hard to decide if I’m a permanent student, scholar or just a sucker for punishment.”

Tim has over $15,000 of tattoos and plans on more.
He was tattooed in China where his father (the preacher), uncle and two brothers all got their Chinese zodiacs inked.
His middle name is Michael (his father’s first name), making his full name Timothy Michael Bolton. Naturally, he’s endured Michael Bolton jokes his whole life.
The surname Bolton has a long history that originates in England. One of his tattoos is the family crest with the family motto supra moras — “overcoming difficulties”. He’s had health challenges in his life including brain surgery during medical school. Despite these challenges he’s pushed on to success. He says: “as clich√© as it sounds, focus and dedication to a craft or mission or goal is an indescribably powerful tool.”

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