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Not Driving With Sofi
Featuring Sofi Papamarko
Writer and Matchmaker
May 16, 2014
TIFF Bell Lightbox
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sofi Papamarko is a Toronto-born writer and natural-born matchmaker who pretty much always cries during life insurance commercials. She is fond of (in no particular order): stained glass, typewriters, Nancy Sinatra, chocolate-covered almonds, yappy puppies, fresh basil, really old churches, maps, nostalgia, moms, dads, lavender, lemonade, Lee Hazlewood, the way books smell, Tetris, babies.

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Sofi is not only a matchmaker, but a product of matchmaking; her parents were brought together by a matchmaker.
She speaks three languages (two of them badly) and plays four different instruments (four of them badly).
She recently won third place in The Toronto Star’s Short Story Contest and is currently hard at work on a collection of short fiction.
She has a great fear of flying, but an even greater fear of standing still.
She has never learned how to drive, but says “Miguelito’s little green car handles very well.”

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