Lounging In The Black & White Room With Joel

Featuring Joel Plaskett
Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer

March 11, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Twenty years into what his website bio calls “music-making mischief”, JUNO-award-winning Joel is a nationally-adored music icon and a source of pride for Nova Scotia. His gigs — ranging from local shows to symphony-backed concerts — have been called “always joyful, raucous and meaningful affairs.”

Check out his website and enjoy Fashionable People, below.

Fun facts

Joel’s first band was called Nabisco Fonzie.

Joel bought a building in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and turned it the New Scotland Yard Emporium. It houses his recording studio plus a record store, barber shop and cake shop.

He loves photography and finds black and white photography more interesting than color photography. You got it, Joel. Black and white car it is!

He is considered the unofficial mayor of Halifax.

His wife Rebecca is a visual artist and her work appears on several of Joel’s album covers.

He likes Persian carpets.

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