Joking With George

Featuring George “Keoki” Lake
Retired Musician, 89 Year Old Jokester

June 23, 2017
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Eighty-nine year old Keoki gives his life bio as follows:

“Presently 89 years old… I’m not doing too bad since I was born in 1828!”*

Fun facts


George notes that he “was born at a very early age”, adding that “my mother sensed there was something wrong as I was born with a guitar pick protruding from my mouth.”

The rest, he says, is history: “I played with every well known local musician after I joined the A.F.M. around 1946.


He is happily retired after 38 years working in the retail industry for such notable companies as Woodward’s, Heintzman and Hudson’s Bay.

He started “punishing the guitar” around 1942 when he first heard strange music coming from Hawaii via CFRN radio. “I didn’t know where Hawaii was located but I sure loved the music!”

He eventually found Hawaii. “It was there all the time!” He went on to produce his own Hawaiian radio show which broadcast on the historic CKUA radio station from 1949 to 1952.

* Keoki follows up with a touch of intentional wryness: “Hey, I blew it. I was born in 1928 (not 1828!)”

He couldn’t make “decent money” playing Hawaiian music in the “frozen North”, so he switched to country western and jazz.

George played on a Hawaiian cruise from Vancouver to Hilo, Hawaii on Royal Carribean’s Vision of the Sea.


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