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Jazzing Out With Richard
Featuring Richard Underhill
Jazz Sax Man
January 13, 2014
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Richard is a musician, composer, arranger, candidate for Mayor of Toronto in 2014, a Juno Award winner, a member of The Shuffle Demons, an alumnus of Blue Rodeo, a cyclist, a transit fan, a pedestrian, a locavore, a lover of animals, a nature lover, a free-style rapper, a fan of spontaneity, a world traveler, and a hockey player.

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He loves this Gump Worsley quote: “a good goalie makes his own luck.”
He likes to say that he’s been retired for 30 years — as a professional musician. When people give him a perplexed look, he explains, ‘I have a drink or two and play music with my friends from college, I travel the world and I make a little bit of money — with the emphasis on the ‘little bit’ of money. It’s great to be retired!”
He says this:

“The most fun I have playing music is parading through the audience with the Shuffle Demons. I love bringing the music to the people! We completely cleared the Town Pump in Vancouver one night and paraded into an Italian restaurant and into a well-known down-and-out bar with 300 people in tow. You should have seen the looks on the faces of the ambushed patrons! But the fans and the band will always remember that night. It was a Beatles moment!”

He met Keith Richards back stage at the SARS Concert in Toronto when Richard was with Blue Rodeo. After the photo shoot Keith came right to the back and shook their hands and said, ‘don’t be doing this when you’re my age!’ Richard says: “I resisted the temptation to ask if he was 200 years old. We got his hand back on for the show.”
Richard and his wife were married in Saint Lucia at a resort that also featured Amy Winehouse as a guest. She saw the ceremony and proceeded to call them “the lovebirds” for the rest of the week. Richard says, “the craziest thing was that we could track her every move online – we’d see it live and it would be online within hours. Poor Amy, she was a good-hearted person and a great talent.”
He bought his first sax with money from mowing lawns.
The Shuffle Demons had a top 40 hit in Canada in 1986 with Spadina Bus. Watch it below.

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