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In Studio With Robbin
Featuring Robbin Reay
On-Air Radio & TV Host, Music Maniac, Wanna-be World Traveller
February 26, 2013
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Robbin is a self-proclaimed music & entertainment junkie who wears many different hats. She’s the host of ‘The Robbin Reay Show’, an off-the-cuff radio show on Up! 99.3 FM Edmonton & Up! 97.7 Calgary, in which she uses a “wisecrack approach” to interacting with her audience.  Off air, Robbin is a singer/songwriter, TV host, a competitive soccer player, and an adventure seeker. She’s an uninhibited Saskatchewan girl who loves her beer and Tim Hortons, and spends more time on social media than any one person should. Growing up as a tom-boy, she manifests the “take life by the horns” attitude. Robbin also writes for the local magazine MODCITY Magazine. For some useless facts and comic relief, tune into Robbin’s radio show from 2-6 PM on up!99.3.

You can listen to my mini interview with Robbin broadcast live using the player below.

[esplayer url=”!99.3FM%20Interview.mp3″ width=”600″ height=”28″] [info]As a child, Robbin was always seeking attention.  Entertaining by trying to get a reaction from anyone was her goal.  Apparently nothing has changed.[/info] [info]She has webbed toes. So does her dad. So does Ashton Kutcher. And no, this does not make her a better swimmer.[/info] [info]She’s a competitive soccer player whose played along side some of Canada’s Olympic Women’s soccer players.[/info] [info]Her happy place is singing in a recording studio.[/info] [info]Nothing makes her laugh more than a good old fart joke.[/info]

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