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Going Back To The Roots With Bud
Featuring Bud Morris
Businessman, President of Canada’s Best Store Fixtures
January 15, 2014
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

In Bud’s words:

My life has been a fantastic journey to this point and will continue to be a fantastic journey; I will make sure of it. There have been many high points as well as there have been many low points. My business success has lead to financial success, which has afforded me the opportunity to have some great conversations with some very influential people, which have often given me reason to reflect on my life experiences. I am most proud of being able to confidently say that if I had the chance to do it all again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Stay true to your beliefs, work hard, but stay balanced. You really can’t go wrong.


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Bud started out his working career faking his way into a welding job and quickly befriended the head welder in order to get a crash course in welding so he wouldn’t get fired when they caught on. In high school shop class he was known for his “portable weld”. Once he laid down the bead on the metal, you could pick it up and put it anywhere. He also lit one of his classmates on fire.
He once did a presentation to a group of Chartered Accounts on being an entrepreneur. He was completely intimidated by the group, believing that he would be telling them nothing that they didn’t already know. He summed up his financial tracking methods by stating that AR + inventory + cash should always be greater than AP. It was pretty simple and it got a laugh from the group, but it also got written up in the Financial Post as a good lesson in getting back to basics of business.
He also faked his way into his first office job. During the interview process, he was asked to grade his abilities in Microsoft Excel and Word. He gave himself a humble grade of 8 out of 10 in both. In his first days on the job, he befriended a secretary that really did have those skills enlisted her for the crash courses he required to avoid being fired from that job. A few years later, he asked her to help him out with the rest of my his and she remains his wife and source of inspiration to this day.
Bud claims that he’s afraid of everything and constantly second guesses himself. He’s also have has an endless desire to face his fears head-on, which makes people around him think that he’s fearless.
The most important thing in his life is influencing his family, friends and peers to be better at life than he is, especially his two sons. He has this to say: “positively influence the things around you. If everyone did it, think of what the world would look like.”

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