Funking With Five Alarm Funk

Featuring Five Alarm Funk

July 16, 2016
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The story

Five Alarm Funk is a nine-piece, JUNO-nominated, Vancouver-based Afro-beat/funk/rock/Latin/hip-hop/ska/punk/groove/psych/Gypsy/prog-metal/etc/etc/etc band. I could go on and on, but STOP… EVERYTHING… AND LISTEN… NOW! Before the world is destroyed (see below).

Check out their website at Watch their video below only if you’re not chair bound. Hell, even if you are, just go for it!

Fun facts

Their Abandon Earth album was a concept album about the destruction of Earth by a giant killer robot. I would like their solemn oath that friendly cars would be spared such chaos.

Their biggest influence is Frank Zappa.

Speaking of chaos, their music has been called a “masterpiece of calculated chaos“.

One of their songs, Higgs Boson, is about fears that splitting the “God particle” might lead to the development of new black holes. “Who knows what would happen if you activated a particle collider?”

Drummer Tayo Branston says “we’re all white guys from Vancouver, so we all have two left feet.” All good. I have two left wheels.

But wait, can we talk more about Abandon Earth? It follows a “storyline of a psychotic ice cream man journeying to the center of the earth, facing Armageddon robots and others along the way.”

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